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Top 10 Tuesday (29) — Favorite Book Covers


This is a weekly meme hosted by the good folks at The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is…

Top Ten Favorite Book Covers of Books I’ve Read

Clicking the book cover will take you to Goodreads where you can add the book to your TBR list.


The Forsaken (The Forsaken, #1)I thought the cover for The Forsaken was amazing when I first saw it. That’s part of what made me want to read the book. However, this is also a SMART cover, because everything that is there serves a purpose and makes so much sense once you’ve read the book!


I was sad when I saw that the paperback version of Leverage was different than the hardcopy. Another smart cover, this simple cover seems to capture all of the rage and aggression that the book encompasses.


I absolutely love when my students pick up Deadline. They’re always so confused about which direction the books is supposed to face! This has enticed quite a few of them into examining the book more closely which led to them checking it out.

Anya's Ghost

I’m embarrassed by how long it took for me to truly notice the details in the cover of Anya’s Ghost. I had seen this cover a dozen times (or more) online, but it wasn’t until I was reading it and had it in my hands that I noticed it…Anya’s ghost is in her hair on the cover! When I first saw it, I thought it was just swirls and separation in her hair. I felt silly that I hadn’t noticed the ghost before!

Days of Blood & Starlight (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #2)

Both covers in the Daughter of Smoke & Bone series has been awesome so far, but Days of Blood & Starlight is my favorite so far. The title for book 3 was recently announced–Dreams of Gods & Monsters–and I can’t wait to see the cover!

Outpost (Razorland, #2)

I loved Enclave, and when I saw the cover for Outpost I was so excited for the book! You can see the creepy hand–is it a human hand in a glove? Or the hand of a Freak? Is the hand keeping people out? Or trying to get in?! You can see the eye peering through the crack–is it Deuce & company keeping an eye on the Freaks? Or the Freaks trying to keep an eye on Deuce & company?! It’s so enticing!


I picked up Boy21 from Half-Price Books last school year, partially because of the synopsis and partially because of the cover. This is another cover that makes more sense once you’ve read the story. All of the sketches come together and fit into meaning then. This is one of my favorite reads of 2012…and all time.

Wither (The Chemical Garden, #1)

I loved how Wither (and the rest of the books in the series) had all the interconnected lines and text and certain items circled and highlighted on the cover. Another cover that makes you go back and think about the meaning of all of the highlighted pieces once you’ve read the story!

Legend (Legend, #1)

I know there isn’t anything fancy about the cover of Legend…and that’s why I love it. The story itself is bold and adventurous, the cover needed to make that same bold statement. This is a favorite of many of my students which just goes to show covers don’t always need to be flashy.

The Selection (The Selection, #1)

I love the cover of The Selection. I know there’s been talk of “girl” covers and “boy” covers and flipping book covers (here and here and here and others)) and all of that. But for me, this cover is *perfect* as “girl in fancy dress” because that’s what the book is about. A Nobody who is swept up in this competition and dressed up for show. I think the covers of both The Selection and The Elite are beautiful (and I love the contrast of America hiding in The Selection and being more bold in The Elite).