Slice of Life 3/16: Lazy Day



The Slice of Life Story Challenge (to write each day during the month of March) is hosted by the lovey ladies at Two Writing Teachers. They continue the Slice of Life series with postings each Tuesday throughout the year.

Today (Saturday) has been the laziest day of my Spring Break. It’s 4:30, and we’re still in our PJs. The kids have played and watched Netflix. I’ve read, read with the kids, and watched NCAA basketball with my husband as he plays on his phone.

Are there other things we could (should) be doing? Sure. But every now and then, this is just what you need. I’m already tired thinking of how busy next Saturday will be. We will leave the house about 8:00 A.M. that morning and return about 8:00 P.M. Our day will be be filled with fun (my son’s opening day parade for youth baseball, a food truck festival, then my son’s opening day game)…it will just be busy.

So as we get up and get moving to head to a friend’s house to hang out, I’m thankful for this day where we could just be lazy 🙂


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  1. Lazy days at the weekend are needed, today has been a busy one. This is a great challenge that offers your followers insight into your life. I have just checked out Two Writing Teachers – Blog, do they do a Slice of Life challenge every month? I’d like to join in but it is already half way through March.

    • The writing every day challenge is for March, but they have a weekly Slice on Tuesdays through the rest of the year! I just started this Wednesday, so it’s never too late to join! I definitely plan to continue with the weekly posts!

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