Slice of Life 3/13: Spring Break



The Slice of Life Story Challenge (to write each day during the month of March) is hosted by the lovey ladies at Two Writing Teachers. They continue the Slice of Life series with postings each Tuesday throughout the year.

“Only 30 more minutes until Spring Break! Then I don’t have to see this school or all these teachers for a whole week!” shouted one of the students in my 8th period class.

“Don’t worry, I don’t want to see you during Spring Break either!” I replied, smiling.

It always cracks me up when students are shocked that teachers look forward to Spring Break just as much as they do. Although, some of them think that we live at school and sleep at our desk (which magically turns into a cot), so they’re probably just shocked that we won’t be in the school!

I encouraged my students to take a break and have some fun. Read. Sleep. Relax.  We have practice state testing the week they get back, and real state testing the first week of April. I want my students back refreshed.

So I am enjoying my week of recharging. I’ve run errands. I’ve cleaned house. I’ve enjoyed the beautiful Texas weather and read outside on the porch. I’ve planned upcoming lessons and graded papers. I’ve chalked, scootered, and blown bubbles with my kids. Heck, I’ve even played school with my daughter (man, she’s a bossy teacher!), and today, my kids are in daycare and my husband and I are enjoying our 2nd annual Spring Break Date Day.

So when (if) you have a Spring Break, enjoy it. Recharge your batteries and have some fun. Don’t feel guilty that you’re not “working” because there’s more work to do when we get back!


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