New Years Eve Readathon


While on Twitter last night, I saw this tweet from StoryboundGirl talking about a New Years Eve Readathon hosted by The Picky Girl.

Readathons always sound fun, but it seems like they always end up during a day I have a lot of things planned, or there are lots of “rules” you have to play by as you read. However, this NYE Readathon says:

This readathon has no major rules, other than we’ll read up until the ball drops. Read for fun. Read because you have time. Read because you want to sneak in a couple of extra books in 2012.

That’s exactly what I plan to do! I’ll probably have a picture book readathon so that I can meet my goal of 200 books this year. I need to catch up on some Caldecott reading during the break, and NYE will be the last day to do so! We’re not big NYE partiers, so this will be the perfect way to spend the day/evening 🙂

So if you need to top off 2012 with a couple of good books, check out the NYE Readathon post and join in with your reading!


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