Top 10 Tuesday – New To Me Authors in 2012 (16)


This is a weekly meme hosted by the good folks at The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is…

Top Ten Favorite New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2012

The Girl of Fire and Thorns...  The Crown of Embers (Fire a...
Rae Carson

I read both the 1st and 2nd book in the Fire and Thorns series this year, and I had the pleasure of meeting Rae Carson twice. She is funny, down-to-earth, and a big Star Wars nerd. I cannot wait for the final book in this series, and I cannot wait to see what she works on next!

Write Beside Them: Risk, Vo...  Book Love: Developing Depth...
Penny Kittle

If you’re an English teacher, you’ve probably heard the name Penny Kittle a time or two…so had I. But I had never read any of her work or heard her speak until NCTE this year. Blew. My. Mind. I want to be Penny Kittle.

Sorta Like a Rock Star  The Silver Linings Playbook  Boy21
Matthew Quick

Boy21 is one of my favorite reads of 2012. I’d seen Sorta Like a Rockstar in my school library, but never (still haven’t) checked it out. Boy21 was reviewed with high praises by my friend Sarah as YALove. The book did NOT disappoint. I still want to read Sorta Like a Rockstar and Silver Linings Playlist. They’re on my list for 2013.

Queen of the World! (Babymo...  Penny from Heaven  Rock Star (Babymouse, #4)
Jenni Holm

Many of my teacher/librarian Twitter friends sing the praises of Jenni Holm and Babymouse, so this summer I checked out the ENTIRE Babymouse series and read them all. So super cute. Jenni also writes touching Middle Grade stories, and she is an all around adorable, nice person.

Fallen (Fallen, #1)  Torment (Fallen, #2)
Lauren Kate

In the spring, one of my students would. not. leave. me. alone. about reading the Fallen series. So I did. And while the series isn’t exactly my regular cup’o’tea, I’m glad that I read the series because I’ve been able to relate to my (many) students who have read this series or one similar and offer them thoughts and suggestions about what to read next.

The Pull of Gravity
Gae Polisner

If you do not follow Gae on Twitter, you are missing out. She is funny, charming, she will always talk to anyone (especially her fan club), she sometimes sends out swag, AND she does skype visits with classes who read her book! I read The Pull of Gravity after it won a Nerdy Book Club award, and it was fabulous. If you teach Of Mice and Men in class and are looking for a contemporary book to pair, this is it.

The Fault in Our Stars  An Abundance of Katherines
John Green

I know, I know…how could I just *now* be reading John Green? But it’s true. The Fault In Our Stars was my first John Green book, and I haven’t looked back.

City of Bones (The Mortal I...  City of Ashes (The Mortal I...
Cassandra Clare

Another author that I’m just getting to is Cassandra Clare. Again, it was a student who was reading the City of Bones series who inspired me to read them as well. I read up to the 3rd book, and I felt that there was enough resolution that I’m content to pause there for a while.

Smile  Kristy's Great Idea: A Grap...  Drama
Raina Telgemeier

When I heard that there was a graphic novel version of some of the Baby-Sitters Club books, I was intrigued, and when I stumbled upon a copy of the first book, Kristy’s Big Idea, at my local discount bookstore, I had to pick up a copy. I was even more excited when I saw that it was illustrated by Raina Telgemeier, the author of Smile. I’d seen many Twitter friends rave about how much their students loved this graphic novel. Now, Smile and Drama (Raina’s newest GN) are two of the most checked-out books in my class library, AND I’ve gotten a new generation of students interested in BSC. Score 🙂

What My Mother Doesn't Know...  Stop Pretending: What Happe...  One of Those Hideous Books ...
Sonya Sones

These verse novels are a hot item in my school library…they’re ALWAYS checked out. So, I hi-jacked them all during the summer so that I could finally read them! They are quick reads that are so applicable to students’ lives; I can completely understand why they love them so much. Luckily, I was able to pick up a couple of copies for my own classroom while at NCTE!

I can’t wait to check out the “new to me” authors on other people’s pages.
Did anyone else “discover” authors who have been around for a while, like I did?


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  1. Love John Green! Yet I havent read The Fault in Our Stars…crazy right?! Sonya Sones looks interesting…going to have to check her out. Thanks for stopping by my blog also.

  2. I love this list! I found the graphic novels of the BSC at a library sale a few years ago, and I couldn’t believe I didn’t know about them sooner! Her style is so perfect for that series. I love them even more than the original series, if that’s possible.

    I have SORTA LIKE A ROCKSTAR on my shelf and I haven’t read it, but this is the second time I’ve found Matthew Quick’s name on a list recently, and it’s pushing me to read it. Boy21 looks fantastic, too.

  3. Babymouse is adorable. I also liked Jennifer Holm’s Turtle is Paradise.

    I really like The Mortal Instruments, but I do kind of wish she stopped at the three books. Not that the next two books are bad, because they aren’t. I just liked the conclusion of City of Glass. I’m very excited about the movie, though, which is releasing in August.

    • Yes! I stopped at book 3 because the story felt DONE, you know? I’ll probably come back to finish the rest of the series at some point, but for now, that seemed like the perfect stopping point.

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