Thursday Quick-write


On Wednesdays, Kate Messner hosts a Q & A session with authors in the comments section of that day’s blog post. If you haven’t been by to check out the question and thoughtful responses from the authors, be sure that you do! I think it is so amazing these authors are taking time from their own schedules to invest in a group of writers!

Now, on to the quick-write! Today’s post is here, and the quick write topic is provided by author Pam Bachorz.

*** *** ***

Think of the place that is home for you. It might be where you live today, or perhaps where you grew up. Wherever you choose, be sure to pick a place that you know well. Take one minute to write down every detail about this place that you can think of.

We’re about 20 miles away from my grandparents house, and this is my favorite part of the drive. I put my book down and press my face to the window. After being on the interstate, the small two-lane road seems dangerously small, like you might swipe the edge of a passing car. The trees that line both sides of the road form a canopy over the road, and we drive along under the mottled sunlight that makes its way through the leaves. All you can see of the small country store on the side of the road is the dirt driveway that leads up to it. If you didn’t know it was there, you would miss it. I close my eyes and feel the muted flashes of sun on my face as we glide through the tunnel of trees.

Take the rest of your time to write about three changes that would make this place utterly altered for you–changes that would mean it was no longer home. 

As we turn off the interstate, a new road stretches before us, and the smell hits me. Not the fresh country smell, but the smell of wood and gasoline and asphalt. Where is my small two-lane road? Why are there cones and construction barrels everywhere? Big trucks are moving through the grass on the side of the road. I look ahead, confused. Where is my tunnel of trees? We all stare out of our windows. A construction worker flags us down and holds up a STOP sign. We wait as a semi pulls across the road in front of us and heads toward us. Its long trailer is loaded down with long pine trees. I catch my dad’s eyes in the mirror as we’re waved on to continue down the road, and his eyes look as sad as mine feel. Gone is the peaceful tree tunnel that hid us from the sky as we drove. It is replaced by a road being broadened and stretched, the harsh sunlight beating down unforgivingly. The small country store stands exposed on the side of the road. I pick up my book and tuck my head as the sunlight streams unchecked through my window.

 *** *** ***

 Another activity I’ll be doing with my students! Now I am all caught up, and it is my goal this weekend to start jotting down notes I have for ideas of a “main” piece that I want to work on. Hopefully I can come up with something!

Happy writing!


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