Teachers Write! My Introduction


I am joining a huuuuuuge group of educators to participate in the Teachers Write! summer project hosted by Jen Vincent, Kate Messner, and Gae Polisner. Kate has info and sign up here. Jen talks about the project here.

Jen already had a Secret Writing Plan in the works for herself and her blog, Teach Mentor Texts. During a conversation  on Twitter one evening, about 4-5 of my Twitter friends and I started talking about how we, as teachers, need to write and write MORE. Who are we to instruct students and expect them to perform when we don’t even practice what we preach? The more we talked, the more I realized that we all had the same “fear”…the fear of putting ourselves out there, of giving voice to our ideas. But I felt that it was safe to act on this fear because I had others, even if just a handful, who would be joining on the journey.

So imagine my surprise the next morning when I see this tweet from author-extraordinaire Kate Messner:

I was completely blown away that a professional author was not only following our conversation but also willing to step in a provide guidance for us.

If you haven’t visited Kate’s blog to read her introduction to the Teachers Write! project, do so now. Then head over to Jen’s intro at Teach Mentor Texts. Join us this summer, and flex your writing muscles. When it’s time for school to start back in the fall you will be able to walk into your classroom and tell your students that you ARE a writer…and don’t they want to join you?


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  1. Reading your article on Teachers Write this morning was so inspiring. It really took me through all the steps I need to improve the writing experience for my students this coming year. They are already gifted writers but this should really bring out their gifts. Thank you for sharing your learning!

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