Genre-fying the Library! (2)


Our library genre-fication project is going so well! I promised updates and pictures, so enjoy!

The library doesn’t have a 4th wall…just 3. The back wall is open, and I am standing “outside” the library to take this picture. The cabinets in the foreground with the plant/book provide the 4th barrier to close in the library.

There are also a couple of shelves that highlight new books that are on this 4th “wall” to the left (if looking at the picture now). Since this is pretty much all of our fiction, this isn’t as monumental a task that it would be in the library at a larger school. I can’t even imagine how this would take place then!

Looking at the pictures above, books that have an author’s last name ending in “A” are on your left and “Z” is on your right. There is a long cabinet (like our 4th “wall”) that separates the main part of the library from the profession/reference book section (that also serves as our In School Suspension area). I put stickie notes along the front of that cabinet that had our different genres on them.

My first period class was the group to start the genre-fying. I explained that they would be working in pairs to determine what genre their books would fall under, then place their books on the cabinet in the correct area. They started with 10 books for each pair to analyze, and they were to come back for more until that column of shelves was cleared. This took place during each class period. It was too difficult to check each groups’ work before they put it in the genre they thought it fit, so I decided that we would separate everything, then I would double check decisions as we alphabetized them later.

Here are some of the groups working to determine the genre of their books. The purple papers you see on the table are their genre papers that we filled out during the first weeks of school. The papers list the “main” fiction genres then the genre’s definition, main characteristics, and examples.

You can see the cabinet where we’re organizing the books into the genres behind these guys. They were having a great discussion about whether a book should be realistic or historical fiction, but were completely distracted when I pulled out my phone to take their picture. This is them “staging” their discussion…gotta love 9th graders! 🙂

Right now I’m in the process of double checking the students work. For the most part, the students did a great job! There were definitely some books that were in the wrong genre, but this definitely got done faster with the students helping than without. And I can tell that they’re proud of their participation and ownership in the project. My 9th graders will always be able to look at that library and know that their hands shaped the way it is organized!


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  1. I completely love that you’ve had your classes participate in this genre-fication. Talk about taking feeling ownership in your school library…so awesome! Plus, as they handle and explore the books they’ll probably find books they’d never would have thought about reading. Win win situation!

    Again, you are such an amazing teacher to do this for your school!

  2. To touch and inspire just one in our lifetime is a grand accomplishment and a Gold Star in life. Your Gold Stars are accumulating rapidly in your young life. So proud of you!
    Auntie M

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