And so it begins…


This summer I attended the Abydos Writing Institute where I learned so much about teaching writing. One of the nuggets I took away was that if I am asking my students to be writers, I myself must also be a writer. I can’t teach them that writing is a valuable process that will stick with them throughout their life if I am not a living, breathing model of that mantra.

So, throughout this first semester of school, when my students write, I write. We share the struggle of coming up with ideas, crappy first drafts, opening up our souls and lives…and it has been wonderful. Getting students to write has been such a struggle in the past, but this year students are asking ME if we’re working on our writing!

I feel that this blog is an extension of this lesson, only instead of writing for my students, I am writing for me. The new year is right around the corner, and I have already resolved that my only “resolution” is to be a better me. I feel that having a place to reflect on my thoughts about the books I read, my classroom, and my teaching practices will help me be a better me.

As I’ve gotten back into the swing of things on Twitter, I have loved reading the thoughts of the insanely knowledgeable people that I’m lucky enough to follow. Hopefully I can give back to my readers some of what I gained!


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